stop sign YUKON'S PERSONAL PROPERTY REGISTRY HAS CHANGED! Effective June 27, 2016, Yukon's Personal Property Security Registry ( has migrated to the Atlantic Canada On-Line (ACOL) Personal Property Registry System (PPRS) at
If you used this site only to search by serial/VIN number: The ACOL "public lien check" service found at now provides the Yukon Personal Property Registry search by serial number service (with payment by credit card), through their addition of Yukon. If you used this site to search by individual debtor, business name or registration number: You must have an ACOL client account. To sign up, visit If you have an ACOL client account, amend your account to add the Yukon registry. See Or, you may use a Personal Property Security Value Added Service Provider. See for a list of providers. For more information on the system migration: